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Unlock the power of Twilio to put your contact centre at the heart of customer engagement

Who we are

Your customer experience is everything. And we’re here to help deliver on the promise that technology can create an extraordinary customer experience. Zing is one of a very small number of Gold Twilio Consulting Partners.

We are experts in how to get the most value from Twilio’s cloud communication and contact centre platform.

Our team of Zingers work fast and are relentless in a mission to make contact centres work better in every business.



What we do

Whether you have a specific thorny contact centre problem you need solving quickly or are on a digital transformation journey, we can help you.

Tactical Twilio Engagements

Discrete projects to solve a specific solution, whether that’s integrating your existing solutions with WhatsApp or developing a Flex plug-in. Tactical Engagements are short, sharp pieces of work to optimise specific elements of Twilio’s technology stack.

Project Engagements

Transformative solutions, typically based around Twilio Flex, to put customer engagement at the heart of your business and your contact centre. Projects typically last from 1-3 months and are delivered in a series of sprints within our Discover / Build / Deploy / Support methodology.

Strategic Relationships

A partnership approach where we work alongside you, often with other parties, to fully embed the solutions that form your digital transformation journey. We work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure continued service and refinement.

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