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Flex is Twilio’s fully programmable cloud contact centre platform. It’s omnichannel by design, which means you can add voice, SMS, chat, WhatsApp and any other channel you need.  

Twilio Flex acts as a single pane of glass to your contact centre. This means one application to enable your agents to do everything they need to do, with seamless integration to other essential systems, such as CRM or ERP. 

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At Zing, our role is to help you build a Twilio Flex implementation faster, optimising your contact flows and simplifying integration with your other business systems.  

As a Twilio Consulting Partner, we have an experienced team of Flex-accredited developers to help speed your implementation and ensure it delivers the right business outcomes.  

Our proven methodology delivers value fast and keeps you in control of the process.



All engagements, no matter how big or small, start with a discovery phase. Our team work with you to understand your situation and your own unique challenges. This involves a review of your process, system architecture and communications platform. 

This is a highly collaborative exercise, where you have full visibility of the project and the tools we use to track our findings. That way, when we have unearthed your own thorny issue, we can devise a detail implementation plan to tackle it using Twilio Flex.

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This is the core task we’re here to do: build your Twilio Flex solution.

Our agile approach focuses on delivering customer value as quickly as possible. Rapid iteration and review combined with your own dedicated development resource ensure we keep on track and resolve issues quickly as they arise. 

As a Twilio consulting partner our developers have a detailed understanding of Flex and we are able to integrate neatly with your existing systems. 


The last mile is often the hardest: testing, rollout and adoption.

We are big believers in the value of codifying the process and full documentation, as it ensures a smooth deployment with full accountability. 

We are here to support you the whole way through the deployment, whether that’s helping source third-party hardware through to ensuring your own in-house development or IT team are up to speed.  

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Our support model is flexible enough to fit with your business’ needs. We can design a service that’s right for you – from PAYG or on-demand support, through to 24×365 cover. 

We offer a self-service login to our support desk, where you can log an enquiry, get a rapid response and have a full audit trail. That way, you have the assurance that you are able to keep everything working as things change around your business.  

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